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As nature reappears around our homes in a way we’ve never experienced before, what are the unexpected sounds you have heard in your neighbourhood? We want to hear how the world’s soundscape has changed during the lockdown.

The best soundscapes will feature in an online (or live) archive and exhibition, and the 8 most unusual or surprising recordings will be featured in one of our episodes in Season 3.


What you need to send:

  • Recording #1 should include no more than 2 uninterrupted minutes of the soundscape

  • Recording #2 should include narration in your voice sharing with us:



  1. your name

  2. your age

  3. where you live

  4. the landscape you’ve recorded in

  5. what sounds of nature we are listening to

  6. why this sound of nature is so unusual to that landscape

  7. how you came across the sound

  8. what you felt the first moment you heard it


  • Recording #1 & #2 can be the same audio file or two separate audio files

  • Total recording length must be no longer than 5 minutes

  • We don’t mind if your recording is done professionally, on your mobile phone, or some other fantastic machine, as long as we can hear your soundscape and your voice clearly.

  • Files must be uploaded in mp3 or WAV format

  • Please include a timestamp for the highlight moment in your soundscape

  • *Bonus* hugs for submissions that include photos and/or videos

  • *Double bonus hugs* for submissions that share two audio recordings of the same landscape - one before and one during lockdown!

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