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The Meeting Circle

Thimali engages in a little self-care with her friend, climate essayist and co-host of Hot Take podcast, Mary Annaïse Heglar. Strolling through a New York City forest, they share good and bad experiences being of color in nature, but have a chance encounter that helps them connect back to the land..




Mary Annaïse Heglar

Writer, co-host & co-founder of the Hot Take podcast

 New York, U.S.A

Mary Annaïse Heglar is a climate writer, communications professional and the co-founder and co-host of the Hot Take newsletter and podcast which dissects the way the climate crisis is portrayed in the media. Her writing is known for exploring the emotionality and intersectionality of the climate crisis. Her work has been published in WIRED, The Boston Globe, HuffPost, Rolling Stone, and Vox, among other places.

Support Mary 

By subscribing to the Hot Take Podcast and newsletter.

Follow Mary:

Twitter: @MaryHeglar

Instagram: @mary.heglar 

Support the organisations mentioned in this Minisode!

Unlikely Hikers is a diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating outdoor community featuring the underrepresented outdoorsperson. We’re an Instagram community, a nationwide hiking group and a podcast


New Yorkers for Parks is a non-profit organization championing quality open space for all New Yorkers. NY4P drives both immediate actions and long-term policies that protect and enhance the city’s vast network of parks, ensure adequate and equitable distribution of open space resources to all neighborhoods, and inform and empower communities throughout New York City to advocate for their open space needs. 


We Act for Environmental Justice is an active participant in the national Environmental Justice Movement. WE ACT’s mission is to build healthy communities by ensuring that people of color and/or low income residents participate meaningfully in the creation of sound and fair environmental health and protection policies and practices. 


Thanks to Gabriel Cummings, the Citywide Trails Projects Coordinator at The Natural Areas Conservancy for their advice on organisations we can all get behind and support! The Natural Areas Conservancy is a champion of NYC’s 20,000 acres of forests and wetlands for the benefit and enjoyment of all. 

Episode Credits

Mothers of Invention is brought to you by Vulcan Productions and Doc Society. 

Executive producers: Jody Allen, Ruth Johnston, Matt Milios as well as Jess Search & Beadie Finzi.

For Doc Society:

Series producer: Thimali Kodikara

Line Producer: Rebecca Lucy Mills 

Minisode Producer: Lauren Carter Armstrong

Minisode Editor: Alexis Adimora

Sound Designer: Sami El-Enany

Field Producer: Reva Goldberg

Social Media Manager: Imriel Morgan for Content Is Queen

Project Coordinator: Aisha Younis

Theme Tune composed by Jamie Perera

For Vulcan Productions:

Associate Producers:  Andrea Dramer and Susan Grella

Production Manager: Kimberly Nyhous

Senior Director for Strategy, Engagement and Impact: Ted Richane

Impact Producer: Alex Pearson

 We are very proudly distributed by PRX.

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