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How to Sue Your Country 

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How to Sue Your Country

Taking your government to court over their climate impact is a fast-growing phenomenon that’s seeing powerful change. Individuals and organisations all over the world are setting new precedents and holding governments to account. But it’s not exactly a walk in the park! So how do you get it done? Well luckily Tessa Khan, human rights lawyer, co-founder of the Climate Litigation Network and Season 1 Mother of Invention, is on hand to explain to Maeve Higgins how it’s done!

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Tessa Khan 

Tessa is an international human rights lawyer and Co-director of the Climate Litigation Network. 

London, United Kingdom

Tessa is Co-Founder & Co-Director of the Climate Litigation Network, a global web of lawyers, campaigners, and activists helping people take their governments to court in pursuit of climate action. The Climate Litigation Network was born after Tessa heard about a group of people in the Netherlands suing their government to force them to reduce emissions, to help many more such cases be brought to courts around the world. 

Tessa has lived across the globe pursuing an illustrious international career as a human rights lawyer. Her experience living and working in Thailand, Bangladesh, Mexico and Australia in particular gave her first hand experience of climate impacts, and led her to realise that climate change is the human rights issue of our time.

Learn more about Tessa
By reading Litigation, Along With Climate Strikes, Is a Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Climate Change

And watching Tessa’s TED talk on ‘The Next Frontier in the Fight Against Climate Change’ here.

Support Tessa:

By visiting this link for info about ongoing climate cases across the globe, and ways you can get behind them. 

Stay up to date with Tessa's work on social media:

Twitter: @tessakhan

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