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Bernie Sanders Specialsode:

Democracy with a very big D

In an extra special live edition of Mothers Of Invention, US Senator Bernie Sanders and Mary meet for the first time! Moderated by Thimali, they discuss reentering the Paris Agreement, reimagining global governance and planned migration. With help from our guest Mother, Sacajawea Hall of Cooperation Jackson, we learn what justice looks like when led by communities most affected by social, economic and racial inequity. Recorded at I.NY Festival in partnership with I.NY and The Sanders Institute.



bernie_sanders_bw_otu_img (1).webp

Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator from Vermont

Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A

Bernie Sanders is a U.S. Senator from Vermont. His political career spans almost four decades from his tenure as mayor of Burlington in 1981, to being elected for 16 years as Vermont’s sole congressman in the House of Representatives. Since being elected to the U.S Senate in 2006, Bernie was reelected to serve a third term after winning 67% of the vote in 2018. 

In Congress, Bernie has fought tirelessly for working families, focusing on the shrinking middle class and growing gap between the rich and everyone else. Bernie has been a strong voice on tackling the climate crisis and advocating for a Green New Deal as an opportunity to build a more just and equitable future. 


Today, Bernie lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife Jane. He has four children and seven grandchildren.

Follow Bernie:

Twitter: @BernieSanders

Instagram: @berniesanders

Facebook: @berniesanders

Learn more about Senator Bernie:

Follow Senator Bernie in supporting these brilliant environmental action organisations:


Sunrise Movement

Bay Rising Action

San Francisco Rising

Saki Hall.jpeg

Sacajawea Hall

Community Land Trust Coordinator & Director of Operations at Cooperation Jackson 

Jackson Mississipi, U.S.A 

Sacajawea (“Saki”) Hall is a black feminist, activist, mother, birth-worker, educator and journalist. She is a founding member of Cooperation Jackson, an emerging vehicle for sustainable, economic democracy and community ownership in Jackson, Mississippi. The organisation is building a solidarity economy for Black, working-class communities in the Deep South. Anchored by worker-owned cooperatives; rooted in self-sufficiency, self-determination and climate justice. Sacajawea’s leadership within Coop Jackson includes strategic planning, cooperative development and financial planning, fundraising, communications and she anchors the development of the Fannie Lou Hamer Community Land Trust. 

Support Saki:  

By staying up to date on Cooperation Jackson's news and work on social media and visiting their website


Follow Saki:

Twitter: @sjawea

Facebook: sacajawea.hall

Instagram: @sacajawea_saki

Follow Cooperation Jackson: 

Twitter: @cooperationjxn

Facebook: @CooperationJackson

Instagram: @cooperationjxn

Read more on Sacajawea and Cooperation Jackson:

Sacajawea Hall of Cooperation Jackson

Cooperation Jackson

Transition Network interview with Sacajawea Hall and Kali Akuno

Video:  #MyThriveStory - Sacajawea "Saki" Hall — Cooperation Jackson

Episode Credits

Mothers of Invention is brought to you by Vulcan Productions and Doc Society. 

Executive producers: Jody Allen, Ruth Johnston, Matt Milios as well as Jess Search & Beadie Finzi.

For Doc Society:

Series producer: Thimali Kodikara

Line Producer: Rebecca Lucy Mills 

Editor: Sefa Nyki

Impact Producer: Quan Lateef-Hill

Audio Engineer: Lisa Hack 

Sound Designer: Sami El-Enany

Social Media Manager: Imriel Morgan for Content Is Queen

Project Coordinator: Aisha Younis

Theme Tune composed by Jamie Perera

Special thanks to the I.NY Institute Festival and The Sanders Institute.

For Vulcan Productions:

Associate Producers:  Andrea Dramer and Susan Grella

Production Manager: Kimberly Nyhous

Senior Director for Strategy, Engagement and Impact: Ted Richane

Impact Producer: Alex Pearson

 We are very proudly distributed by PRX.

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