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Fatima-Zahra Ibrahim

Co-Executive Director of Green New Deal UK 

 London, United Kingdom

Fatima, 27, has spent nearly a decade as a climate justice campaigner. Many of those years were as an activist with the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) mobilising young people around climate change. She has also been a senior campaigner for, a citizens movement for a progressive EU, and global NGO Avaaz. During her time at Avaaz, she helped lead the organisation’s climate campaigns and ran the biggest public-backed advocacy push for a long term goal in the Paris Agreement. Fatima was also one of the lead organisers of the People’s Climate March that brought more than one million people onto the streets ahead of the 2014 Climate Summit and again in the run-up to COP21. Now, Fatima is the Co-director of the Green New Deal UK


Support Fatima 

By staying up to date on Fatima's news and calls to action on Twitter, and get involved with the Build Back Better and Green New Deal UK campaigns. 


Follow Fatima:


Twitter: @fortuashla 

Daiara Tukano 2.jpg

Daiara Tukano 

Indigenous activist, artist and communicator.

Amazonas, Brazil 

Daiara Tukano, of the Tukano indigenous nation of the Upper Rio Negro, is an indigenous activist and artist. With a Masters Degree in human rights at the University of Brasilia, she is a researcher on the right to memory and truth of indigenous peoples. She is an independent communicator and coordinator of Radio Yandê, the first indigenous web-radio in Brazil. In her line of work, Daiara has surveyed the current indigenous panorama to build alliances to encourage the creation of strategies that can contribute to the protection of mother nature, cultural diversity and human rights across the vast region of the Amazonas.

Support Daiara 

By staying up to date on Daiara's news on Instagram, supporting the work of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) and visiting her website


Follow Daiara:

Facebook: @daiaratukano

Instagram: @daiaratukano



We moved heaven, Earth and Covid, and we are back! Mary, Maeve & Thimali are doing just fine, but didn’t quite make it through unscathed. In our inaugural episode of the new season, they invite us into their home studios in Dublin and New York to share their tales of lockdown and what they’ve learnt along the way.


But with too many emergencies stacked on top of each other and no time to pause on the climate crisis, how do we cope? How do we visualize what happens next?


In our first episode of 2020, we unpack what compassion in women’s leadership has shown the world during the crisis; we take a look at the Black Lives Matter uprising and the lessons in accountability and self-care it has addressed; and imagine a new regenerative future that includes us all. 


The WHO guided us through the emergency, but what can the climate crisis teach us about pandemics to prevent them from happening in the first place? What can we learn from our natural environments and indigenous wisdom?


Daiara Tukano is from a Northern Amazon indigenous community in Brazil. She describes her Covid experience and identifies the opportunities to review global health. And co-executive director of the Green New Deal UK, Fatima-Zahra Ibrahim tells us more about her new project, Build Back Better.

Episode Credits

Mothers of Invention is brought to you by Vulcan Productions and Doc Society. 

Executive producers: Jody Allen, Ruth Johnston, Matt Milios as well as Jess Search & Beadie Finzi.

For Doc Society:

Series producer: Thimali Kodikara

Development producer and Studio Director: Shanida Scotland

Line producer: Rebecca Lucy Mills 

Editor: Sefa Nkyi

Sound designer: Axel Kacoutié

Audio Engineer: Lisa Hack 

Social Media Manager: Imriel Morgan for Content Is Queen

Project Coordinator: Aisha Younis

Theme Tune composed by Jamie Perera

Special thanks to our fixer Marcelo Díaz and our sound recordist Hudson Vasconcelos.    

For Vulcan Productions:

Associate Producers:  Andrea Dramer and Susan Grella

Production Manager: Kimberly Nyhous

Senior Director for Strategy, Engagement and Impact: Ted Richane

Impact Producer: Alex Pearson

 We are very proudly distributed by PRX.

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