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Oh my God, Mom

Keep having climate chats with your family that end in eye rolls, clenched or lost teeth? Well in this week's minisode, Maeve & Thimali talk to two youth activists from The CLEO Institute in Florida, our friends Gabi Rodriguez & Nicole Gazo. They're on a mission to awaken our parents’ inner climate warrior. From deflecting confrontation and forging connection, to active listening and using stats the right way, we learn how to bridge the generational gap, and transform bickering into brainstorming!



Episode Credits

Mothers of Invention is brought to you by Vulcan Productions and Doc Society. 

Executive producers: Jody Allen, Ruth Johnston, Matt Milios as well as Jess Search & Beadie Finzi.

For Doc Society:

Series producer: Thimali Kodikara

Minisode Producer: Lauren Carter Armstrong

Line producer: Rebecca Lucy Mills 

Sound designer: Sami El-Enany

Audio Engineer: Lisa Hack 

Social Media Manager: Imriel Morgan for Content Is Queen

Project Coordinator: Aisha Younis

Theme Tune composed by Jamie Perera

For Vulcan Productions:

Associate Producers:  Andrea Dramer and Susan Grella

Production Manager: Kimberly Nyhous

Senior Director for Strategy, Engagement and Impact: Ted Richane

Impact Producer: Alex Pearson

 We are very proudly distributed by PRX.


Nicole Gazo 

Activist, GenCleo Ambassador and Student

Miami, Florida, U.S.A

18 year old Nicole Gazo is studying political science with a minor in ecosystem science and policy and plans to pursue environmental law. She started to care about climate after taking AP Environmental Science and learning about the climate crisis. She was disheartened by the fact that it took 14 years of schooling to finally gain a thorough understanding of the crisis that severely threatens her future and quickly joined the CLEO Institute to take action and help empower others to do the same. Nicole was soon working alongside elected officials on passing emergency declarations and founded the Climate Leadership Information Program (CLIP), a peer-to-peer education program which CLEO helped launch in 7 different schools within Miami-Dade. 

Support Nicole 

By following her call to action on social media and listening to the EcoChicPodcast, House on Fire Podcast & Sunrise Movement  

Follow Nicole:

Facebook: @nicole.gazo

Follow CLEO Institute:

Twitter: @CLEOInstitute

Instagram: @cleoinstitute

Facebook: @CLEOInstitute

Learn more about Nicole: 

Young People Standing Up For Their Future | Extinction Rebellion video here.

Watch Nicole speaking on the Fast Fashion Industry here.  

Read about the Climate Resilient School Programme here.
Palmetto Bay Declares a Climate Emergency here. 

Read Positive People in Pinecrest here.

Organizations Nicole recommends you should follow or learn about:


House on Fire Podcast

Sunrise Movement


Gabi Rodriguez

Program Coordinator at CLEO Institute, Co-host of podcast House on Fire and Student

Miami, Florida, U.S.A

Gabi is a student, activist, and educator who holds a passion for environmental and climate education and advocacy. She is currently the Program Coordinator at The CLEO Institute, helping to develop and manage CLEO's various youth programs. Much of her work revolves around helping to bring climate change education to students across Miami, especially those in more vulnerable communities. She is also the co-host of CLEO's youth-led podcast, House on Fire, which aims to educate its listeners on the climate crisis and empower them to act. Soon receiving her bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Florida International University, she plans to pursue a master's degree in climate science, societal impacts, and transformative solutions to further climate and environmental justice through a blend of education, advocacy, and policy. She is also particularly interested in how we uplift, protect, and give ensure leadership to BIPOC communities with the transition into a green energy economy.

Support Gabi 

By learning more about the CLEO institute and listening to her podcast, House on Fire on Blubrry, Apple, Spotify and other major streaming platforms.  


Follow Gabi:

Instagram: @gabionearth

Twitter: @gabivrodriguez

Follow CLEO Institute: 

Twitter: @CLEOInstitute

Instagram: @cleoinstitute

Facebook: @CLEOInstitute


Gabi recommends you

Listen to these podcasts: Eco Chic, Meet Them Mondays, Resilient Forward, Bird Road Podcast

and learn more about the Sunrise Movement

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