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The Very Nature of Ownership

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Extractive capitalism has caused so much destruction to our planet. So with all we've learnt this season, how can we rethink the value of natural resources, and the people who work hard to bring them from the land to our homes? And how does it contribute to our new visions and value systems for a regenerative future? Could 'climate justice for all' in fact be in our reach? In this episode we talk to Bina Agarwal in Delhi & Omar Freilla in the South Bronx about the power of going local.


Bina Agarwal

Professor of Development Economics and Environment at the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester 

New Delhi, India

Bina is a development economist whose pioneering work on gender inequality in property and land, as well as on environmental issues, has had global impact. She has also written extensively on agrarian change, forest conservation, food security, cooperative farming, and legal change, especially from a political economy and gender perspective.


Bina continues to be prolific, with 85 papers and 12 books, including her multiple award-winning book A Field of One's Own: Gender and Land Rights in South Asia (Cambridge University Press, 1994), and more recently Gender and Green Governance (Oxford University Press 2010) and Gender Challenges (OUP, 2016), a three volume compendium of her selected papers. In 2005 she led a successful campaign to make the Hindu inheritance law gender equal. Her many awards include a Padma Shri, 2008;  book prizes 1995-96; the Leontief Prize 2010; Louis Malassis Scientific Prize 2017; and the International Balzan Prize, 2017.

Learn more about Bina 

By visiting her website and reading, reviewing and sharing her latest research projects and publications here.  


Omar Freilla 

Founder and Executive Director of Green Worker Cooperatives

South Bronx, New York, U.S.A

Omar Freilla has a passion for the planet, community self-determination, worker-owned business and creating solutions to social injustice. He is the founder of Green Worker Cooperatives, a black-led, women-run powerhouse, providing immigrants and communities of color a local, green, and democratic cooperative economy in the South Bronx, New York.


Omar has over 13 years of experience in cooperative & green business development with an equal number of years as an organizer challenging environmental racism, classism, and sexism. Through his work, Omar has supported growing and sustaining worker-owned green businesses to create a strong, local and democratic economy rooted in racial and gender equity. Omar holds a master’s degree in environmental science from Miami University of Ohio and a bachelor of science degree from Morehouse College, where he founded the organization Black Men for the Eradication of Sexism.

Support Omar

By staying up to date on their work via the Green Workers Cooperatives website and donating to the GreenWorkers Coop fundraising campaign.

Follow Omar

Twitter: @OmarFreilla


Follow Green Worker Coop:

Twitter: @GreenWorkerCoop

Facebook: @greenworkercoop

Learn more about Omar:

By watching his speech on Greening the Inner City: Jobs, Health, Justice and the Environment here.

Episode Credits

Mothers of Invention is brought to you by Vulcan Productions and Doc Society. 

Executive producers: Jody Allen, Ruth Johnston, Matt Milios as well as Jess Search & Beadie Finzi.

For Doc Society:

Series producer: Thimali Kodikara

Development producer and Studio Director: Shanida Scotland

Line producer: Rebecca Lucy Mills 

Editor: Sefa Nkyi

Sound designer: Sami El-Enany

Audio Engineer: Lisa Hack 

Social Media Manager: Imriel Morgan for Content Is Queen

Project Coordinator: Aisha Younis

Theme Tune composed by Jamie Perera

Special thanks to our soundscape recording by Katipai Richardson-Wilson recorded with the help of flautists, Amy Cohen, 

Paul Lucien Kulka and April Klavins of the Flute choir of New York. 


For Vulcan Productions:

Associate Producers:  Andrea Dramer and Susan Grella

Production Manager: Kimberly Nyhous

Senior Director for Strategy, Engagement and Impact: Ted Richane

Impact Producer: Alex Pearson

 We are very proudly distributed by PRX.

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