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Climate change is a man-made problem — with a feminist solution!


Join former Irish president, Mary Robinson, comedian-writer, Maeve Higgins, and series producer, Thimali Kodikara for a groundbreaking season of Mothers Of Invention!


Love, laughter and unforgettable storytelling lies in every episode as they celebrate the inspiring climate leaders around the world carving a path to climate justice for all!


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Mothers Of Invention is a podcast on feminist climate change solutions from (mostly) women around the world.


With ten years to go before we see irreversible changes to our planet, former Irish president Mary Robinson, comedian and writer Maeve Higgins, and series producer Thimali Kodikara dig into the biggest climate issues of our time with love, laughter and memorable storytelling.


Mothers Of Invention gives focus to the stories of black, brown and indigenous women and girls who have been innovating from the front lines of climate change for generations — all over the world! Through their knowledge – in the fields, in the courtroom, at the marches, and in the boardroom – every episode is an education on how to cope, get empowered, and force climate justice for all!


This season, while all of us are in lockdown and institutional racism starts fraying at the seams, Mothers of Invention looks more closely at the power of self-care, and how to use our visions of a regenerative future to build back better. As a feminist community, how are we using compassion to win our climate goals efficiently and inclusively? What are the historical lessons we need to learn before we start digging into change? How are our changemakers around the world using nature for wisdom and guidance?


And don’t miss our “minisodes” for unlikely journeys into individual and collective action with Maeve & Thimali!


Join us for our third groundbreaking season of Mothers of Invention!


People-powered initiatives to new government policy to groundbreaking research to hard science. It’s not over till it’s over!

Mary Robinson, the first female President of Ireland and climate justice campaigner is one of the women leading the global climate movement. She is doing everything she can to raise the voices of other determined women, particularly those on the frontlines of climate change in the global south.   

Maeve Higgins, Irish comic based in NY, she is a contributing writer for the New York Times and her latest book 'Maeve in America' was published last year. She has completed  Maeve in America, a podcast series about immigration, and keeps her sense of humour about serious matters.  

Thimali Kodikara based in NY, she is the series producer of Mothers Of Invention. 



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Meet the Mothers of Invention from our latest episode:


Bernie Sanders by Marius Bugge .webp

Senator Bernie Sanders 

U.S Senator from Vermont, U.S.A

Bernie is a former 2020 U.S. presidential candidate and is the U.S. Senator from Vermont.  

Click here to learn more about Bernie. 


Sacajawea Hall

Community Land Trust Coordinator & Director of Operations at Cooperation Jackson

Sacajawea ("Saki") Hall is a co-founder of Cooperation Jackson, paving the way for an emerging network of associated/interconnected cooperatives in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Click here to learn more about Saki.



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